Friday, September 2, 2011

Tonbridge Road Allotment Show - Tomorrow!

Last year’s Tonbridge Road Allotment show was one of the first things I covered when I took over LoveLevenshulme so it seems only appropriate that I should heave myself out of my non-blogging hole to tell you all about this year's festivities (the usual excuses).

This year’s show takes place this Saturday – 3rd September – at St Mary’s Church on Elbow Street and promises a whole heap of delights, including, but not limited to, fruit and veg competitions, with auction and of the entries after the judging, children’s entertainment and advice on growing your own fruit and veg.

The day starts at 2.00pm and will run until 5.00pm. I can’t make it (the summer of weddings continues apace for me in Solihull) but last year Ed Sprake took some lovely photos and if anyone wants to give me a brief report on what g’wan I’m happy to put it up here.

There’s a really strong allotment community in Levenshulme and we’re blessed with not one but three sites (is that right? I have a sneaking suspicion they breed…) so I’d encourage anyone to go along and see what they’ve been up to. It’s free and, who knows, you may be as enthused as I was last year and vow to make more of your own green space (and, if you’re like me, lose momentum and produce a few sad looking strawberries and some teensy tomatoes).

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