Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Levenshulme Baths Protests - Roundup

Wow, what a week it's been in Levyland, eh? The protests on Saturday against the closure of Levenshulme baths attracted over 500 people and we've been all over the local and national press. Fantastic work, one and all. At the moment the situation is still grim, though, and we need to keep up the momentum. Thankfully, there are loads of people in Levenshulme doing their utmost to save the baths and they're organising a great range of events to keep us in the news.

Now, LoveLevenshulme isn't a political blog, we've always been clear on that. It is, however, a community blog. We post details of community events and, given the events of the last few weeks, it is inevitable that some of those events will be related to the political situation and we can't - and wouldn't want to - ignore them. With that in mind we hereby present the first of our new weekly community events roundups. Naturally, this week is mostly about the baths but there are some other elements and we welcome any suggestions you might have - email with confirmed events.

ednesday 16th February - City Council Executive Meeting
At 9.30am today Levenshulme residents will be meeting at the fountain at the town hall in advance of the meeting at 10.00am. They will be presenting childrens art on the theme "why we love to swim" and are appealing for anyone to come along, bring banners and make some noise. If you're in town or can get there, please go along and lend your support.

Wednesday 16th February - Campaign Update Meeting
This is an action meeting and will enable people to form and work together in subgroups of interest: eg. business plan, building for events, letter writing, fact finding - whatever interests them - relaxed, open and democratic. Meet at the Blue Bell at 7.30pm.

Saturday 19th February - Swim-In Through the Ages at Levy Pool
Press will be invited to watch the residents of Levenshulme converge on the pool to show their love for it. Wear costumes (or dress one up with a slash or a badge) from past, present or future decades or be a spectator. Drop-in between 12.00noon and 3.00 pm.

Sunday 20th February - Swimming Against The Tide
family fun event with live music and poetry from Claire Mooney, Zacc Rogers, Beryl Cowen and Shimeon, being held at M19 Bar from 4.00pm (doors open 3.00pm). Entry is free although a donation would be great as all funds raised will go towards the campaign. There will also be poster making and activities for children. All artists are local and performing for free.

There are a few groups floating around on Facebook, so let me know if I've missed any here:
Save Levenshulme Baths
Friends of Levenshulme
Save Levenshulme SureStart
Save The Arcadia


Martha said...


Can I just make a request that we don't forget the Arcadia as well - we're fighting very hard not to lose the practice space of both the Hockey & Roller Derby clubs not to mention the public skating! Please join the Facebook campaign at

Thank You!

Voices From The Below said...

Absolutely, Martha, thanks for the reminder and the link. I will update the blog tonight with these helpful details.

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha

Sue here from Save Levy Pool - we've put a link up to your FB page on our's!