Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Himalayas Restaurant

Opposite Nawaabs on Levenshulme high street is The Himalayas Restaurant and I only just noticed it. Nawaabs looms large and catches your eye so you don't look at anything else. However, the other day I saw the Himalayas and thought I'd give it a punt.

As I usually frequent kebab houses I was not very sure what I was supposed to do. Fortunately my friend had been in a "restaurant" before and knew what to do. So we sat and ordered.

The Himalayas is an excellent curry house. I had a lamb dish which was genuinely fantastic. It wasn't bright orange, it wasn't swimming in oil on a base of lard and you could actually taste the flavours of the different ingredients. It is worth remembering that these are rare qualities in a curry house.

The Himalayas also had a friendly atmosphere with staff who looked happy to be there and also looked like they wanted to serve you. Winner.

So people of Levenshulme, go to the Himalayas Restaurant, give them your hard earned cash and let them give you some very tasty food.


Heitzman said...

My wife and I love The Himalayas restaurant. Easily the best curries in Levenshulme. The Kharakeema is especially nice.

Top Tip: The also deliver. :)

Anonymous said...

The Himalayas has been an excellent restaurant for many years and is sadly overshadowed somewhat by Nawaab. I agree with you good food, brilliant service. TRY IT!!

Anonymous said...

Everything you've written is absolutely spot on. Visiting friends EXPECT to go to The Himalayas. The only thing you haven't pointed out is that one of the great things about The Himalayas is that it gives you a grandstand view of the BEST thing about Nawaab, the comings and goings outside.

Cormac said...

There are nowhere near enough superlatives here to do the Himalaya justice! This is easily one of the best curry houses in Manchester, let alone Levenshulme. The kazaana-e-lazat (not sure if I've spelt it right) is quite simply heaven-in-your-mouth. Amazing that you've only just discovered the place - enjoy your return visits!

Enrico Zini said...

Love the Himalayas! We long decided it's the best curry place in Manchester, which is great because it means the best curry place in Manchester is in walking distance from home, and if we're lazy they're near enough to deliver for free :)

Tikkey Jinghy, Daba Murgh, Karakeema and Special Chicken Curry are our personal favourites. I now have to try something that looks like "kazaana-e-lazat", after Cormac's comment.