Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Music Hall and Pies at The Kingsway

Saturday 2nd October sees the inaugural outing of Flanagans Celebrated Music Hall at the Kingsway. The billing appears to be something of a secret at the moment, although the poster promises a host of performances from Levenshulme folk (and I've heard a rumour that there will be a performance from one of the team behind POD).
Tickets are £5.00 and can be purchased in advance from POD and The Kingsway.

The entertainment starts at 8.00pm and the interval they are also playing host to the fantastically named Great Levenshulme Pie Occasion and anyone who brings a home made pie will get in to the whole evening's entertainment for free. Even if you don't bring a pie there will be opportunities to taste peoples' offerings, so at the very least you can pick up some future pie inspiration. If you'd like to bring a pie you can collect containers from POD and The Kingsway.

All proceeds for the evening go to West Point Residents Association and will be put towards future community events.


Louise Bolotin said...

So is that Thursday the 23rd or Friday 24th then?

Only there's no Friday the 23rd this month!

Voices From The Below said...

Oh my goodness the pie excitement has gone to my brain. Saturday 2nd October. I have edited the post accordingly. Sorry people.

Anonymous said...

not particularly about this post but in general - thanks to those of you who have taken over this site recently - its good to see it updated so often. Cheers